UX Deliverables Starter Kit

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UX Deliverables Starter Kit

Yaël Levey
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The world of UX is filled with deliverables. And if you're starting out in UX, you'll probably be looking for a quick and easy template to get you started producing top-quality documentation.

This Sketch file includes 5 template deliverables:

  • Customer Journey Map
  • Ecosystem
  • Persona
  • Sitemap
  • User Journey

Each template has an accompanying explanation of what this deliverable is, what it is used for, and what are its key components.

The templates themselves are fully customisable and editable, and serve as a guide to putting together a top-quality, smartly designed deliverable with minimum hassle.

The UX Starter Kit is perfect if:

  • You're looking to get started producing deliverables but aren't quite sure what they should look like or what they should include
  • You struggle to produce impressive-looking deliverables that'll wow your clients/team, and want a quick way to produce great results


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